St. Patrick's Day Craft

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

A fun craft for your little, or not so little, one! We did this craft with a 4 year old, a 6 year old, and a 10 year old. The only difference was the older the kids finished faster, but they all had fun!


Marshmallows (or fingertips!)
Rainbow paint colors (washable!)
A paper plate for the paint, or a palette
White card stock or painting paper
Black construction paper
A “pot of gold” cut out (or if you can draw!)
Glitter or glitter pen
Glue stick 

How we did it!

We printed out a free “pot of gold” template from the Internet. We traced it onto black construction paper and then cut it out. Little ones will need help with this, the bigger kids enjoyed doing it themselves.

Then we pasted the pot onto the bottom left corner of the paper. We put a small dab of each color of the rainbow onto a paint palette. You can easily use a paper plate for this too! We decided to use baby marshmallows instead of fingers to cut down on the mess. It is still a great idea to have wet wipes handy anyway! We recommend using washable paint (always!!!).


Start by dabbing the top color of the rainbow from the pot up and then down in an upside down U shape. Continue with the next color until all 6 colors are done! 


Then make 3 marshmallow dabs together to form a clover and use a paintbrush to make the stem. Our littlest rainbow maker got a little frustrated and turned his clovers into a caterpillar. ☺ The final touch was a little more stick glue and some glitter sprinkles. You can keep them on the pot, or sprinkle them all over the rainbow too! Warning – glitter is messy! We let it dry a bit and then kind of hit the paper over the trashcan to try to keep glitter from straying. If you aren’t a glitter fan, glitter pens can be substituted without the mess!


We loved this project and it was just the right amount of time for all age

 Our 4 year old's Pot of Gold

  Our 6 year old's Pot of Gold

  Our 10 year old's Pot of Gold

Have fun & Happy St. Patrick's Day! :-) 

March 14, 2016 by Little Sleepy Head

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