Mother's Day Craft

There are so many amazing crafts one can do for Mother's Day, but the hand print crafts are always our favorite because they are keepers! We bought a canvas, and used our 2 boys' hands to make the rays of sunshine. What could be more simple? Whether it's for you, a mom you know, or for grandma, for sure they will love this reminder of their sunshine!


Canvas or stock paper make it best for saving
Paint brush Yellow and orange paint
Little hands!
Baby wipes or water & paper towels nearby

Step 1: Paint a circle for the center of the sun on the left side of the canvas (or paper) leaving enough room for little hands to go around it.

Step 2: Paint the tips of your little one's fingers with yellow paint, and then the palm orange. We recommend doing 1 hand at a time!  Gently place your child's hand where you want it and press firmly. 


Step 3: Repeat with the other hand. If you have two children, it makes an interesting sun! If not, hopefully you can get a few presses from each hand!

Step 4: Write "You are my sunshine" with paint on the side (or another phrase you like!) 

This will be a simple keepsake for any mom or grandma for years to come! 

Happy Mother's Day!

May 02, 2016 by Little Sleepy Head

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