February 13, 2016 2 min read

Any holiday is the perfect excuse to try out some crafts! What's a better way to tell mom, grandma, grandpa, or auntie that you love them than with a homemade gift!? Making gifts with a personal touch can be fun and exciting. We took it upon ourselves to test a popular handprint arts project and it turned out great! We broke this DIY project down with a few tips and tricks for you.

 1) Gather your supplies.

You will need:

1 white canvas

- we used a 15" X 15", but any size will do

1 roll of masking tape 

- we used thin painters tape

3 different colored paints

- in celebration of Valentine's Day, we used pink, red, and purple

1 paint brush

1 or more cute kids

- you'll need their little hands!

 2) Prep your area.

Find a place in or outside where you can make a bit of a mess. We set up shop at the kitchen table and we kept our area nice and clean by laying down a drop cloth. Anything that covers up your pretty furniture will do though! For the kids, you might want to put an old t-shirt on if they're the messy type (oh what am I saying... they're ALL the messy type).

3) Tape it til' you make it.

Decide on what you want the taped area to say. We went with "love" since we are celebrating the month of love. You can do a name, shape, pattern, or you can just copy ours (we won't tell anyone)! It did take us a few tries to lay the letters just right, so don't feel discouraged if you have to redo them once or twice. 

4) Break out the paint.

Now I know you're probably horrified of the thought of combining paint and a toddler, but don't worry the mess is minimal! Grab your paintbrush and paint and start painting your little one's hand. Follow the old saying "a little is a lot" when you're applying the paint - you can always add more. We recommend using a toxic free paint for kids. You can find it at the department store, online, or sometimes even in the supermarket. Or, you can make your own paint if you have the supplies handy!

5) Time to high-five some canvas.

This is the fun part. Have your little one press their painted hands on the canvas to leave their handprint(s). After each print, you may want to apply a bit more paint (depending on how thick you brushed it on). Repeat this process with the other paint colors until the whole canvas is covered. Wash up when you're done!

6) Wait.. wait.. wait.. and peal.

Let your canvas sit and dry for a few hours. We waited about 3, but the time will vary with the amount/type of paint you use. Once the paint dries completely, slowly peal the tape off of the canvas. Voila - you're done! Hang your new memory on the wall, or send it to someone you and your little one(s) love! 



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