Pumpkin Art Class

October 02, 2016 1 min read

This project is so easy and super fun too! Pumpkins make the perfect canvas to use on the day you are feeling artsy! You can use them to decorate your home or even a fun party table!


Glitz & Glam Pumpkin

If you have a white pumpkin, you don’t have to paint it! If you have an orange one, paint it white or whatever color you wish first! Then we used a cut up sponge to dab on Mod Podge where we wanted the glitter circles. Sprinkle on loose glitter and let dry. Make sure you have something under the pumpkin when you do this or you will have a big glitter mess! After it dries, repaint around the circles to make them sharp. Voila! Gorgeous upscale décor!


Donut Pumpkin

Depending on what kind of donut you want to paint, either paint the base the donut color, or leave it white or orange. We decided to leave our pumpkin white in this case. We just painted the top on and for sprinkles we used Puff Paint! Almost looks good enough to eat! 


Splatter Pumpkin

We had the most fun with this one! We painted our pumpkin black and then just dipped the paint brush into different color paints and kind of threw our hand toward the pumpkin for the paint to splatter! If you use Glow in the Dark paint for the splatters that would look amazing at night too!


The ideas are endless! Have fun creating your masterpieces this October!

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