1. No More Brown Apple Slices! 

How many kids like apples, but won’t touch them if they are brown? Parents rejoice! Enter Saran Wrap! Slice the apple up either with a knife or an apple slicer and put the puzzle back together around the core. Then wrap in Saran Wrap. It’s that easy! Having the apple against the core and sealed in the Saran Wrap dramatically decreases the browning! Yay!

Apple Sliced    

 2. Sandwich shapes made with cookie cutters!

Is your child taking a sandwich to school, but will not yet eat those pesky crusts? Make it fun with cookie cutters! You can surprise them with several shapes or just one, but they are sure to delight your little one when they open their box. Everyone likes to eat “fun” food! Or you can have them help and freeze them for the morning too. Save the crusts and edges to feed the birds later. 

Kid's Helping   Sandwich Shapes

 3. Hot Chicken Nuggets – What?! Yes!

You do have to buy a Food Thermos for this one, but parents of picky eaters, it’s worth it! Buy one that keeps food hot for at least 5 hours and will fit in the lunch box. All you have to do is heat up the nuggets, put a paper towel in the bottom of the Thermos, and then add the nuggets! The paper towel is key because it helps keep the moisture from making those nuggets soggy. My kids are personally so happy we discovered this one!

4. How to keep those fruits, veges, etc. cool?

You guessed it! An icepack! But not just any ice pack. A juice box ice pack! Just freeze your juice box or Capri Sun type of drink to keep those cold things cool and crisp. It will thaw by lunchtime and saves room in the lunch box as well!

5. Send a love note!

Want to make sure they remember they are loved? Write them notes on the outside of a banana, or write on their napkin. Even a cute sticky note hidden for the older kids is sure to bring a secret smile.

With these super easy lunch box hacks, prepping those lunchtime meals for your kids in school should be more fun and easy too! There is something so special about sending your child to school with surprises in their lunch box, and knowing they are going to be fed because they will actually eat it too!). 


August 29, 2016 by Little Sleepy Head

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