Inflatable Toddler Bed

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Our Inflatable Toddler Bed is the perfect kid's travel bed. It's portable, quiet and oh-so comfy. Your little one just might prefer it to their own bed!

Made with the sturdiest of materials, our kid's inflatable bed is guaranteed against pops and leaks. It is lightweight and comes with a fast electronic air pump & carrying case. The inner inflatable mattress has a soft, velvety material on top, and is easy to keep clean with our included sheet. The mattress also fits all crib-sized sheets! 

Our toddler air mattress has rails on both sides to ensure that your little one stays put, safely and comfortably. 

Works great as a toddler cot for schools, kid's camping gear, or anytime you need your little one to sleep peacefully away from their own bed.


Included Items:

- Air Mattress

- Air Pump (110-120v)

- Fitted Jersey Cotton Sheet (100% Cotton)

- Carrying Case

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