Toddler Pillow Protector - 14 X 19 (2 PACK)

$ 23.95

Little Sleepy Head is proud to present our NEW toddler pillow protector! Now you don’t have to worry about washing your child’s pillow when dirt, spills, or other elements touch it or it’s pillowcase.

Our toddler pillow protectors will fit pillows that are 13” x 18” (and even 14” X 19” with a more snug fit), but are made specifically for the Little Sleepy Head pillow which is 13” X 18.” The fabric is hypoallergenic, 100% cotton terry exterior, and has a 100% Polyurethane interior.

Our pillow protector is made with a side zippered enclosure to ensure that nothing can get through its protective barrier. As a parent, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning your child’s favorite pillow in the night. If anything soils the case, you can just change out the pillow protector and it will be as good as new! While our pillows are hypoallergenic, our toddler pillow protector will provide extra insurance against allergens such as dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, moisture from saliva, bottles, etc. And when it does need it, you can wash and dry easily! We recommend you wash the pillow protector in warm water, on gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low. Then it will be fresh and ready to protect your pillow(s) again! Your pillow will feel just like it does without the protector.

We have left a bit of room, as we do in our cases so that the pillow can squish just like it is supposed to. The pillow protector is soft, quiet, and an invisible addition to your Little Sleepy Head toddler pillow and pillowcase. And of course, your Little Sleepy Head toddler pillow protector is guaranteed! We stand behind our products and are well known for our world-class customer service if you should need any assistance.

Your little one loves their Little Sleepy Head toddler pillow, now you can rest easy knowing it is protected from any exterior elements. The pillow protector is also available in a 1 pack, even though we recommend the 2 pack for backup.