Yes, our products are washable!

All of our products are hypoallergenic, but sometimes you need to give them a good cleaning. Washing and drying your Little Sleepy Head Pillow or Pillowcase is quick and simple!


We recommend that you wash your Little Sleepy Head Pillow in cold water on gentle cycle. Dry on low thoroughly and fluff back up! If for any reason your pillow starts to clump or lose its fluff, just let us know and we will either have a new one sent to you or provide you with a solution as soon as possible!


Your Little Sleepy Head Pillowcase has been designed to "shrink to fit" which means it will fit BETTER after it's first wash! We recommend washing on warm, but they can be washed and dried on any temperature! As they have not been pre-washed, they will get softer after their first wash and even more so each wash thereafter!