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Lavender Sleep Spray

Keep Calm & Sleep On

Little Sleepy Head knows sleep. Our most recent addition to the parent’s sleep arsenal is our Lavender Sleep Spray. It is so simple, yet genius. The lavender plant has been known for it’s calming and relaxing properties for centuries. Now, the plant’s essential oil is extracted and used as our main ingredient to our natural formula for Pillow and Linen Spray. Honestly, it’s not just for kids. It is gentle and natural and just as effective for “grown ups.”

As part of your little one’s bedtime routine (nap or night time), the Lavender Spray will not only help your little one relax naturally, but it will also give them another association for “it’s time to sleep.” Other associations might be a bath, a book being read, music, shades being drawn, etc. Using Little Sleepy Head’s Lavender Spray will give them a very subtle, sweet association with relaxing into, and staying, asleep. It can also be used during the day by being misted into the air to calm them from tantrums (and for you too to breathe deep when those tantrums happen!).

Our Lavender Sleep Spray is handcrafted by a local artisan in the USA. Each bottle is made with love and care. And if you know our company, you know that we make your satisfaction our number one priority. We aren’t happy unless you are. We hope you love our Little Sleepy Head Sleep Spray as much as we do!

Directions: Mist Lavender Sleep Spray generally on pillows and linens, and/or into the air just before sleep.

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